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  1. Jelinga


    Poor dog, so upsetting he had such a wretched life. Thank you for trying to help.
  2. Jelinga


    @snowbunny, I misread your name and saw it as @SwampDonkey to start with and had a sharp intake of breath when I thought Swampy was wearing shorts in our chilly weather :rofl:
  3. Jelinga

    The Kennel Club - no hoomans allowed!

    @Candy, that looks so beautiful, have a good holiday.
  4. Jelinga

    Oh my poor Cassie

    Dogs don't think as we do, they are in the now, she doesn't need you to explain, she knows that that particular place was painful and she will now avoid it. Please stop stressing yourself, next time you walk past there, act jolly, play a little game with her, she will be fine, probably wary...
  5. Jelinga

    Oh my poor Cassie

    Please don't think that Cassie will think you it is your fault, I can assure you she won't. As @Cath said, if she thought you had caused it, she would have run away from you, not towards you, please don't torture yourself unnecessarily x
  6. Jelinga

    Which kibble

    Rourke is on Arden Grange Lamb and Rice, it suits him well, I have tried the Chicken and Rice but not good for him.
  7. Jelinga

    Oh my poor Cassie

    I know she won't think you did it @Selina27, she will realise it was something to do with the fence. Several of mine had had a nip from a fence. I would hope that the voltage would be relatively low, but if she is still in the doldrums I think it is worth phoning the vet for advice.
  8. Jelinga

    The Labraventures of Carbón, Spanish (ex-) foster dog extraordinaire

    Poor, poor Carbon, starving !!!!! But well worth it Señor Carbon x
  9. Jelinga

    Pill refusal - any tips?

    I used some pate, never refused!
  10. Jelinga

    Canines, Crates, and Coronavirus

    I did the survey but not helpful I guess!
  11. Jelinga

    Maybe Harvey's not a labrador?

    I know Rourke would pinch it as he takes things off the side. I am going to test it out later!
  12. Jelinga

    Embarrassing moments with my dog 😳

    I loved the mental image of her swimming happily out to see with the swimmer, but the reality could have been scary. I did see on TV that a lifeboat had to be sent to rescue one dog who had ambitions to swim to France or wherever!
  13. Jelinga

    What made you smile today?

    @Emily, that card will have meant the world to your neighbour, you can see the trouble and thought he has put into it, she will have really appreciated it.
  14. Jelinga

    What made you smile today?

    That is what I thought @Candy.
  15. Jelinga

    What made you smile today?

    A friend of Paul's perhaps?
  16. Jelinga

    Not taking it any further

    Rourke went picking up for three years (I picked up with my GSPs for several years), I hated the first year, it was a posh shoot and I was terrified of doing it wrong. My friend Janet borrowed him for two years. He loves retrieving and we do something every morning for fun. I have taken him...
  17. Jelinga

    What made you smile today?

    I just love them both x
  18. Jelinga

    What made you smile today?

    optimistic x
  19. Jelinga

    I have a cold!

    No worse thank you, except throat is more sore, but I seem to perpetually have a sore throat at low level, a slave to my throat :)
  20. Jelinga

    I have a cold!

    Thank you everyone. I know it isn't Covid as not the right symptoms, but just concerned how easy it is to get a cold, so does that mean it is as easy to get Covid!