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  1. Jelinga

    I have a cold!

    I have developed a cold today which is disconcerting as I have been nowhere, except over the fields and the only person I saw was my friend. We kept the social distance, didn't touch any gates, didn't see another person. I haven't seen Sue for four days and apparently she developed a cold a...
  2. Jelinga

    Grave stone

    Not sure if this is acceptable, so please delete if it isn't. I am arranging Mike's grave stone and wanted some help/ideas as what to put on it. Obviously treasure memories of.....born...died. But what to put on after that. Don't want to put Father, husband etc. He liked the hymn/song...
  3. Jelinga

    Very worried about Boris

    I have just heard the news that Boris is now in intensive care, feeling very worried about him.
  4. Jelinga

    Not sure this is the right place.

    Mike died this evening at about 6.15, all rather sudden. A very big thank you to @Beanwood and @Selina27 for the practical help they gave me and their kindness and @Granca and all of you, for being there and caring.
  5. Jelinga

    Rourke diagnosed with tendonitis of the shoulder joint.

    Saw specialist orthopaedic yesterday and Rourke has been diagnosed with tendonitis, he is to stay on the lead for SIX MONTHS, I cannot bear the thought of that and it isn't even certain if all that rest will heal it. It means I cannot do any of the summer sundog training or walk with my friend...
  6. Jelinga

    Rourke is ill

    When I got up this morning, Rourke could hardly walk and looked very sorry for himself, he then vomited and did not want to eat anything. A friend came and we took him to the vet (I have a new Honda Jazz automatic and find it very scary, have never driven an automatic before). Vet thinks it...
  7. Jelinga

    Cartrophen Injections

    Has anyone's dog/s had these? Rourke's arthritis in his shoulders has not responded to laser treatment; Metacam and Previcox make him sick, so now vet is trying Cartrophen injections. If you have, did you find them effective?
  8. Jelinga

    Opinions on changing Rourke from Lamb and Rice Kibble to a salmon one

    Rourke has spent most of his life on Arden Grange Lamb and Rice kibble which suits him well. However, as some of you will know, Rourke has been diagnosed with arthritis in both shoulders and has been lame for at least a year and NSAIDs cause him to be sick, so he cannot take them. I bought a...
  9. Jelinga

    Logging in

    I seem to have to keep logging in today, why?
  10. Jelinga

    Rourke has arthritis :-(

    Rourke has been lame for a year, sometimes imperceptibly and sometimes more pronounced. He has been seen by a vet three times since then and non of them could work out which foreleg he was lame on. So I decided to have him x-rayed, the vet I saw this morning could see he was lame but...
  11. Jelinga

    My Drift

    A year ago my beloved Drift was put to sleep, he was only just 11 years old. He was put to sleep in my living room with his pheasant dummy in his mouth and me beside him. Feeling very upset.
  12. Jelinga

    Forum very slow

    I have had to miss many posts as the forum is very slow at the moment (last three days) and unfortunately I don't have the time to wait for ages, so frustrating. :cry:
  13. Jelinga

    Walk with Selina and Cassie

    I have a lovely photo of Selina and Cassie taken when we had a walk at Brockhampton to day, but despite my best efforts I cannot download it!!!
  14. Jelinga

    Cold Coats.

    Does anyone have experience or thoughts on whether 'Cold Coats for dogs' are helpful in the hot weather, or whether they are a gimmick?
  15. Jelinga

    Jelinga's photo of Selina

    Not sure whether this will work. Photo of Selina.