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  1. Charlie

    "Hello I'm Waiting"

    We have done a lot of training with Hattie & Charlie to wait to be invited up and down the stairs. As we live in an upside down house it's important they both don't use the stairs any more than once or twice a day, as they are ssshhhh .... getting old! :sealedlips: xx Here is Charlie being...
  2. Charlie

    Hattie's Had a Mini Stroke :’(

    :'(:'( Sometime after 4.00 am this morning Hattie has had a mini stroke. I was awake and she was absolutely fine. She is unable to stand up, her head is tilted slightly and her eyes are flickering (Nystagmus). This has happened so very suddenly from yesterday enjoying a 5 mile walk, playing...
  3. Charlie

    Memory Foam Bed

    I bought Hattie the PetFusion orthopaedic memory foam bed (as recommended by @Jen xx) to help with her mild arthritis. It is a lovely bed. As Charlie kept pinching it I wanted to get one for Charlie but at £90 I decided to have a google and found this one from Easipet. It is almost identical...
  4. Charlie

    Pedigree and Chappie Recalls Dog Food

    Just in case this is relevant to anyone I thought it worth posting. xx
  5. Charlie

    Charlie's Cruciate Ligament Disease and Surgery

    We talk quite a bit about limps on the forum, so I thought I would document Charlie’s issues just in case it helps anyone in the future. Charlie started limping in April 2020 after a walk in the forest, we got home and he wouldn’t weight bear on his right back leg, hopping around. A vet visit...
  6. Charlie

    USA Recalls Dog Food

    I'm not sure how many members we have in the USA so posting this just in case. xx
  7. Charlie

    Beautiful Dog Collars

    I know there are certain members amongst us that like buying dog collars, not mentioning any names :sealedlips: I came across this website last year and bought Hattie a new birthday collar. I chose Kaleidoscope in the multi colour section. I wonder if you recognise the model!! :inlove: They are...
  8. Charlie

    The Benefits or not of YuMove

    When Charlie had his surgery I asked the Orthopaedic Surgeon if I should use YuMove Plus to help him. He was pretty scathing about the product saying he has a 10 year old Labrador and wouldn't give it to his dog. He continued to say that it has absolutely no benefits for Charlie as he has...
  9. Charlie

    Disastrous Walk that Landed me in Hospital ;(

    Right, you asked for the story, so, get a cuppa, make yourself comfortable and I shall begin. Once Upon a Time ........ It was December 23rd at 11.15 am Hattie and I left home for our daily long walk, it had been raining for days. At 11.30 am my right foot slipped from under me, up in the...
  10. Charlie

    Hattie's Horrific Reaction to Spot On Treatment

    In April 2020 just after the first lockdown I applied Hattie & Charlie's spot on treatment. Within about an hour Hattie was pacing the floor became wobbly on her feet, started panting heavily, rapid heart rate, sensitive to touch. It was awful, so frightening, I really thought I was going to...
  11. Charlie

    Such Generosity :)

    Just heard about this wonderful story. What a generous man to do so much for homeless dogs. Here's to these dogs all getting their forever home :heart:xx This Super Bowl-Winning Chiefs Player Celebrated By Paying for 100 Dog Adoption Fees
  12. Charlie

    Hattie's not feeling too well ;(

    During our walk this afternoon Hattie ate part of a deer hoof, we did get it off her so she only got a little bit. When we returned home she was laying behind the sofa, up and down pacing around. I gave her dinner and she turned away so she hasn't eaten a thing since this morning. She is now...
  13. Charlie

    Pet Fushion Dog Bed Review

    @Natalie and anyone else interested in this bed. Hattie has road tested the memory foam bed and these our our findings. Also there is £10 off on Amazon, here is the link:- The bed is very good...
  14. Charlie

    Hattie's Tripping and Wobbliness

    I have started a new thread as things are changing. I took Hattie back to the vet to review how she is, having been on daily metacam for 3 weeks. I was also asked to keep a daily diary of Hattie's tripping up on her front legs and back leg wobbliness. No difference on the metacam. She looked at...
  15. Charlie


    The weather round the world seems to be extreme. We took Hattie and Charlie to the loch yesterday, Charlie raced to the waters edge waiting for a ball throw, out it goes and bounced across the water :cold: The loch had a layer of ice on it. To say this confused Charlie is an under statement. He...
  16. Charlie

    Beds and Ramps for Hattie

    I know this has probably been covered a zillion times but I could really do with some advice on beds and a ramp for the car for Hattie. The vet suggested getting things in place to help her back legs, my poor girl :cry: She is currently sleeping on this one with vet bed: Raised Dog Bed -...
  17. Charlie

    Very Wise Decision Charlie!

    Now that I have come up from the boxes for air I thought I would share this event with you. Whilst walking in the forest early during the week Charlie was mooching in amongst the trees checking back regularly. In the near distance I could see a very BIG Stag, full on antlers, he was massive...
  18. Charlie

    Hattie, her lump and arthritis

    Over the last few days Hattie has been licking her rear end quite a bit. On investigation I found a lump about the size of a grape with a slit in it. It has no different colour to it. Also there is bigger mass next to it. I am very worried and am taking her to the vet tomorrow. I know I...
  19. Charlie

    The Big Move Tomorrow - Scotland Here We Come!!!

    After a lot of disappointment over the last 6 months or so with a moving date we are finally moving to Scotland tomorrow. We have had so many things get in the way it's been so frustrating. Most of our belongings are in Scotland so just packing up the car with some final bits and pieces, Hattie...
  20. Charlie

    Hattie Picking at Breakfast

    I'm not sure if this is something I should be concerned about, but over the last couple of weeks Hattie has on some mornings picked at her breakfast. She gets one scoop as always but is leaving some. She is weeing/pooing as normal, exercising very well as normal, playing with Charlie and all is...