Angel. Born June 30th.

I feel Ike the answer is no? Her front teeth look pearly white and a bit goofy. Perhaps big teeth?

She's been pretty good about teething, we have tons to chew on....I buy chew sticks in bulk at the vets to avoid resource guarding.

We're working on leash training right now. Teaching her not to go every which way. I have a martingale for her because she started backing our of her collar and harness. I am walking her on the traffic handle, and rewarding each time she checks in or sits.

As we went to start to heading home today I swapped to her harness...she lasted 10seconds before she leaped on shamas it was back on the martingale and traffic handle lol!

Good boy just sidestepped and waited for me to take control of her.

I'm starting with halti and muzzle training just in case we decide to use them later....just Teaching her to put it on for now. She nearly fits shamas old halti and i have a size 4 baskerville I bought by mistake. Couple more growth spurts....given her napping the last few days, I'd say she's having one now.

She'll need new collar and harness soon too.

Appointment for spay is made for mid January

She's big enough now to reach the window sill and look into timmies when I go in. That might help with separation anxiety
It's interesting to see the difference between how a normal dog reacts do other dogs and how shamas reacts. She still reacts at the same distance he did at first. About 50feet.

But hers is a forward body language and standing scruff(her scruff stands from head to tail at the slightest excitement) and tail swish. Ears stand up.

I bet at 30feet, she'd start barking.

We stopped her at 50 and lured her to a sit. Then tried for "focus" (look at me) Since we had shamas with us, keeping plenty of space was a good plan anyway. He will just stand and watch it go by at that distance. Unruffled and curious. He is quite content to watch dogs from a good distance.

Pawsitively will start socializing the pups near but not in dog parks once they have a tool box. Right now, they are all learning that off leash time is play time and on leash time is not the time for interaction. We need to ignore the other dogs when leash. Same goes with people
Where have her wrinkles gone!!X
They're all in her bum when she stands on her back legs, and her face when she's thinking...but other than that, she's smoothing out.

I ran her current stats through an estimator and came up with a probable 120lbs full size. Talked to the breeder, who corrected me, saying that the sire is 130lb, and momma is 90lb. Which shocked me because hse's just little---Angel's just about the same size as momma now. Must be the Shephard/rottie mom making her so heavy--all that muscle.

Angel's classmates are convinced she's got ridgeback in there---here hair stands from neck to tail every time she gets excited. Not like hackles...just stands on end. Given that momma's a reservation rescue...she could have anything. One of the pups owners did DNA testing and found AKITA, Corso, Shephard as their pups dominant breeds. The mom's owner didn't know about the Akita.

Angel shows Dane dominant, with Shephard and Corso shifting for second. Then there's the ridge thing....but that might be a feature of excitement. Her personality is submissive/outgoing/friendly/curious. If something throws her, we simply stop and let her look at it. She almost always looks at it on her own.

I had to turn off the lawnmower one day because someone let her out while I was cutting the lawn. Instead of fleeing inside, she started running circles around it and barking at it. I wasn't sure if she was playing or testing I had her taken inside while I worked. Then I left it on the lawn for her to check out