Animals you are scared of

I'm, not quite sure where this random thought goes...
While supervising kids on a cross country race they were talking about dogs being scared of big dogs or little dogs. Then they asked me "Miss what animals are you scared of?"
I replied without much thought "chickens"
I honestly am a bit scared of chickens. I can deal with spiders and I don't mind snakes as long as they do what snakes are meant to do and slither away, but I'd really rather not go anywhere near chickens.
I'm also a bit irrationally scared of white short haired dogs like Dobermans, white English pointers and especailly white bull terriers.
Animals in a meadow, wandering freely and when I have to go into this meadow and they all come to me then I freek out. Also when making a walk into mountains for example in Switserland....I guess it has to do with my experience by being bitten by my friends pony in a meadow as a young child...
Bats, which is why I wont fetch my washing in early evening as we have a tree full of them at the bottom of our garden :facepalm: Its irrational I know but I cant abide their silent fluttering about just above my head x
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East Sussex
I have a completely irrational fear of snakes, and even slow worms - even writing it is making me tense. I'm absolutely fine with spiders, rats, mice etc.
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Cows for me too. I was taught not to be, as a child. My Dad used to say ' Just walk calmly past them and they won't bother you'.
This strategy worked for years, then one afternoon Trevor and I were walking calmly through a field of them with our Yellow Lab, Barley (who was also walking calmly) when they started running at us, mooing! There was really nothing for it but to run for the nearest wall! I scrambled over it, Trevor picked Barley up and sort of threw her at me, then jumped over himself and stood shouting 'Horseradish sauce! Yorkshire puddings!' at them, which diffused a scary situation somewhat!
I've struggled with walking through fields of cows ever since. My brother says they must have been young cows and just curious. He claims older cows wouldn't do this. I'm hardly going to ask them their age before entering a field full though, am I?!๐Ÿ™„
Snakes! Though an Adder and I met face to face and initially we both found ourselves interested in the other, then we both turned quickly away! Adders aren't too bad because they are usually still, but ones that move freak me out!
Iโ€™m not a fan of cows or horses, unless Iโ€™m the other side of a fence in which case happy to say hello, but my major irrational one is wasps. Many a time Iโ€™ve received strange looks from Neo for suddenly darting off mid walk if a wasp has entered the vicinity!
Snakes the most.

Then spiders, but only when they take me by surprise or touch me. I'm fine to be in the garden working next to large St Andrews Cross or orb weaver spiders for example.
Wasps for me! I will run and scream and cause a whole big scene :nod:
Second would be spiders... I had the absolute worst experience a couple of years ago. Long story short there were several egg sacs on the backside of my bed (obviously didn't know they were there) that hatched when I crawled into bed one night... hundreds of baby spiders everywhere within minutes, all over me, my bed, pillows, walls, ceiling and floor. Webs forming everywhere... I had a company come the next morning to spray my entire house inside and out. I didn't sleep in my bed for weeks :shake:


Devon, UK
Wood ants. In conifer woods near us on the edge of the moor, the wood ants have taken over and eat anyone who comes near (Iโ€™m convinced). Their nests are about 4 feet high and in the summer theyโ€™re a heaving mass of ant-ey activity, it makes my skin crawl. Although I do deeply admire their colony skillz.