April fools - what were your favourites?


Manchester UK
This was ours and we netted quite a few members. :giggl:


“The Forum received notifcation an hour or so ago (i.e. this morning, UK time) that due to last-minute preparation for the scenario of a hard Brexit, emergency adjustments will be made to GDPR policy in the UK, where the Forum is registered.

I won't bother you with all the technical work this is involving behind the scenes right now, @snowbunny is completely swamped - but the practical upshot of this is that people in the EU may not be able to see posts by MLF members not in the EU, and vice versa, from April 12 onwards. (It is not yet clear how Commonwealth countries may be affected).

This obviously has serious potential to disrupt the boards, create misunderstandings, and exacerbate the danger of pond wars, with neither side being able to hear what the other has to say.

Unfortunately, we cannot rule out the possibility of subsequent UK post-Brexit legislation leading to further restrictions of discussions relating to various goods attracting Customs duty, such as alcohol, nation-specific religious groups, including the Church of England, and "culturally specific practices", such as Morris dancing.

The medium-term plan is to mitigate this by relocating our servers to 'neutral' territory such as Iceland or the Faroe Islands, but in the meantime we have no option but to ask all all MLF members to check whether they need to re-register (this must be under the same name as before).

The processs does not require you to log out, but if you think you could be affected in the light of the above information, you must carefully follow the steps explained here.

Thank you for your cooperation, and have a nice day.”
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