Bad couple of nights...

On Tuesday night at around 4 am I heard Merlin whimpering quietly downstairs... he desperately needed to go down the garden to do disgusting mounds of sloppy poo. Urgh. :dogpoo:After clearing that lot up I found it hard to get back to sleep, so was tired all day at work. He seems better again now, it keeps happening when he drinks out of puddles, but will he learn?? No of course not... :facepalm::poo:.

And then last night poor Poppy had a really bad shaky episode, not quite a full-blown seizure but not far off it. I sat quietly with her in her safe spot under OH's writing desk, cuddling her and talking to her. She calmed down eventually, but I was worried about her, so took her to bed with me. At just after 4 am (WHY IS IT ALWAYS 4 AM???!!) without any warning she vomited on the bed, right next to my pillow... URGH. :tmi: I cleaned that up, changed the sheets, told her it was all ok, and then went and had a cup of tea. No more sleep for the second night running, and today another busy one at work.

Sigh. No one ever tells you about these times when you are thinking about buying a cute Labrador puppy...
Sorry Karen, it's just a nightmare sometimes. When one of mine gets ill the other one can follow. Hope everyone's feeling better soon and you can get some sleep❤
Those late night wake up calls are hard. Hope Merlin and Poppy are feeling better and you can catch up on some sleep :hug:


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So sorry to hear that Poppy and Merlin are feeling poorly. Fingers crossed that you get a full night's sleep :fingers:
So sorry that both Merlin and Poppy have been poorly. Broken nights are grim, especially at 4am when all you can think of is getting back to sleep to be up in time to start the day. I hope they’re both ok now and you’ve managed to catch up on some sleep. :hug: :thelambiesarecoming:
Sorry to hear about your sleep-deprived nights. When I was up the other night with Snowie (was it 2 weeks ago? Times flies…) I just went to my laptop and started working at 3am. I knew I’d not manage to work during the day due to exhaustion. I actually got so much done towards a deadline I was stressing about that part of me felt weirdly relaxed even though I was so worried about Snowie! Can you work from home, or do you have to be in an office to do your job?

I hope Poppy is ok now? She must’ve been feeling so sick to vomit next to your pillow! So sorry for you, too—that wins the worst vomit location I’m sure!