My dear friend Alice had to put her 5yo staffie Barry to sleep a few days ago. He contracted a mystery illness that affected his brain (he was obtunded, couldn't really move) and his kidneys. Since he was so young they did lots of tests and tried treating him empirically. He briefly rebounded but then got worse.

I feel so bad for my friend. She lost her mum in tragic circumstances and lost her dad last year after a long road with a stroke and dementia. She rescued Barry from abuse, he had scars all over his face but was always a gentle, reserved soul who loved her daughter and understood Vietnamese.

She's beating herself up over not being a "good enough" mum to him and I just keep reminding her that he would have been happy to be safe and loved.

Run free Barry.


Devon, UK
Poor Alice and Barry, that’s so sad. But you’re absolutely right that she gave him a home and safety and love that he may not have known otherwise. Sleep tight, Barry x


Biscuit Tin Guardian
So very sad, far too young, but as others have said, he found a safe place, and love. I hope his owner can take some comfort from knowing this, and that one day she'll feel able to give a safe and loving home to another dog who needs it.
Run free Barry.🌈
That is so very sad. Maybe his illness was caused by the abuse he suffered, poor boy. He was lucky to be loved by your friend and to have a safe and happy home for the latter part of his life. RIP Barry x
This is tragic for your friend, try to reassure her that she gave this little dog so much love and his illness was not in her control. The love she gave him after the abuse would have been such a gift to him.


Mama Red HOT Pepper
That’s so sad, I’m very sorry for her. Easier said than done, but Alice gave Barry the only love he’d known and she needs to remember that she did an amazing thing that transformed his life. Pitties are wonderful but so often meet a tragic end even after they’ve been rescued from abusers because so few homes want to adopt them. Full admiration to her - I hope she can find eventually comfort in the good memories she made with Barry and her family.