Butternut Box

Butternut Box dog food had a stand in the shopping centre this morning so I went to find out more.

They offer chicken, turkey, beef and lamb. Homer gets the runs with chicken but they said this is because the chickens are grain fed 🤔 I’ve cut out beef and lamb from Homer’s diet due to his anxiety but they tried to convince me that their beef had reduced fat and it was the fat in beef that would enhance his anxiety 🤔.
Their food is grain free 20% protein with butternut sweet potatoes lentils carrots and peas. I’m not sure grain free is good anymore, I’m sure there’s been mention on it here but I couldn’t remember all the details. 🤔
Anyway Homer doesn’t eat peas, but they tried to tell me that because the food is all cooked together he wouldn’t taste the peas. But Homer doesn’t eat peas! 🤢
Ouch and then the cost £€$£!!! 🤑
The plastic packaging is meant to be degradable but doesn’t that mean it just breaks up into tiny pieces to be ingested by worms 🐛 🤔

So I’ll be sticking to good quality kibble and home cooked veggies with no peas and save my pennies.
It was really pushy and I think they were getting a lot of people to sign up. fine if you have a little dog but feeding Homer would simply be too expensive. Even the sales man started back tracking when I asked for details of how much per month it would be.