Cassie's Gundog training log

Today I am feeling so pleased that I did all that gundog training with Cass as a youngster. We are at a happy point where every couple of weeks we can go out and have some fun and both of us enjoy ourselves!
In contrast to yesterday the morning is bright and sunny with a warm wind. Just what Cass loves I know, and indeed she indulged in a massive zoomie as soon as we got into the field.
We started with ping pong recall - guaranteed to crank up the enthusiasm levels, she loves doing that.
Then we did some marks and blinds , as best I could on my own, but I am working on improving the go back cue so that was fine. She used to drop the dummy, but following months of improving her bringing me my slippers and placing in my hands via hand touch she now looks for my hands to place it in them.
All only little things in the big scheme of gundog work I know but I find it very pleasing.
I had a bit of a light bulb 💡 moment with the rabbit skin dummy, she loves it so much she sometimes plays with it , so I decided that from now on it's going to be her post retrieving reward and we can play tug with it!
What took me so long ?!!
How much I have learnt along the way!
She's never been a dog to indulge in playing with a ball or any toy when on a "walk". She seems to need it to be set up as "work".