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Guide Dogs teach their dogs ‘chin rest’ for medical checking etc - very similar to the bucket game but they lift their head when they want you to stop messing.

Anyone got any you tubes/advice/articles etc demonstrating how to teach this?

I shall ask my supervisor next time I see her, but that won’t be ‘till new pupster arrives and I’d like to make a start with Spencer and Tatze would really benefit from this. I find the bucket game difficult because of the dog’s position, this looks easier.

Carbon and I have been working on chin rest for weeks now. Just as with the hand target (which is how you start shaping the chin rest) he gets WAY too excited so it has been a long and frustrating process. I'll look back at my SD curriculum and post the crib notes here along with some videos (of professionals, not me and Carbon, heh, heh).

I've a got a deadline I'm working to today, so will do this in the evening or tomorrow. If I forget, give me a poke, ok? :D


I've taught this, and it's a brilliant behaviour. Pretty easy, too. I start with targeting the chin to my hand, then put my hand on my lap and gradually transition to that. I don't have any videos, but I bet Deb Jones does....
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This is one way to do it, and is how I taught Ginny (who didn't have any understanding of how to learn at the time) how to rest her chin in my hand. Essentially, the food acts as a lure, they reach for it and you mark as the chin touches the cushion. Then you can start delaying the food so they make a more concerted effort: