Collar tags

I don't give much thought to tags to be honest! For foster dogs I've tried all sorts of do it yourself ones that I can make at home on the fly. Carbon still has the one I got him as a foster dog (ha ha) at Pets at Home in Cornwall.

Will be interested if others have some nifty ideas.

I like the Indigo one you posted, @Jacqui-S but strangely I've found that for assistance dogs, I need to have the dangly kind that make a bit of noise. I had tag silencers on Brogan for a while and people found it disturbing that he could show up behind them without any noise. Took off the silencer and I never got that "Yikes, I didn't see that dog there!" comment again. A little bit of jangle solved the problem. :)
We’ve used Indigo collar tags but Homers new collar has a large clip faster rather than a buckle so we couldn’t change it over from his old faded pink collar to his new one.

Hubby went to the local chandlery and got a small shackle to attach the tag. We had lost so many tags and nearly Homer by accidentally clipping his lead onto the weak tag ring and not his collar ring.
When Homer spent the Winter in France with Hubby he got Homer a tag with the rental apartments address and his number with +44 so that he could be contacted if Homer got lost.
I don't mind dangly ones. They don't wear them in the house so don't really annoy me with their jangling.

I get mine from Engraving Studios - they do a super selection (including the non-dangly slip-ons) and the engraving is lovely and deep.
Meg(an) Sparkle has a small, heart-shaped one (it's a bit too small really) & Coco has a bigger, round one with comedy slogan on one side. I have their quick-fix TagLocks to attach them easily (and thus swap between their many collars).
I feel sorry for Snowie too have that jingle ringing in his ears on our walks (he doesn’t wear a collar at home). I’m forever turning his collar around so that the jingling stops, try to position the tag just so. I’ve not seen those flat tags here. I’ll start looking!

The only good thing about the jingling is that I can hear him if he goes off piste.