Dog food / treat shortages and price increases.

Not sure how much this is Brexit, pandemic, or a distribution issue, but I've really struggled to buy usual dog stuff recently.

Kongs - a huge price hike plus general shortage of normal red kongs.
JR pate- really struggling to get the duck, rabbit, turkey, lamb flavours in the large sizes, there's definite shortage unless you want chicken or beef.
Skinners food has gone right up in price and I'm buying direct now for the first time.

Lots of air dried treats - pigs ears, etc have also got quite expensive.

I was considering restarting home cooked food for the boys, but there's a big shortage of frozen vegetables ( at least from Tesco) and I've relied on these in the past.

Vets fees, medications, insurance and dog walks and day care are also increasing. It's becoming an expensive business to own a dog in the UK right now.
I think a lot ( not all ) is a distribution problem . I ordered salmon treats for the dogs , they should have been here yesterday , then notification that it would be today , they havent arrived .
I agree re Skinners , my last sack cost about 8 pounds more than it did so I`m also considering home cooking for them when I`m better x
Yes I'm sure some of it is distribution. The JR pate though, is just saying out of stock everywhere, you can't even order it. I've found a tiny online shop with a few last tubes of rabbit. I'm resorting to huge volumes of cheddar cheese and ham at dog school making for some smelly evenings :giggl:
I've not had any problems. I tend to order a lot locally and even my dog food is pretty local so they have local stockists. The people I buy from know me and have supplied me for a long time so it could be I'm being looked after. Somethings have disappeared like veal strips but have been supplimented with alternatives. My dog food company stopped supplies to Europe and only does UK now though. I've had problems with my drug supply though but I'm ok now.
As I live on the other side of the channel I don't notice delivery issues unless the product is sourced in the UK. No Yumove unless I want to pay 20 pound delivery and also import tax
Price wise, yes food/snacks seems to have increased by at least 10% They use Covid as the excuse for increased prices for the sourced product.
Meat is now more expensive in South Africa. Snowie gets raw food, which I make up myself. So I order whole meats and meaty bones. There is also less supply and less variety. I don’t mind. I think meat should be expensive, much more than veg—it’s an inefficient way to take in energy. But I accept my dog is omnivorous. Also, an animal is killed, therefore it should be an expensive item. So, if your dried dog food is predominantly meat, it should be expensive. If it’s not, I’d wonder what the ingredients are.

Currently you can’t buy most contact lens solutions in South Africa—out of stock. All imported I guess. Also, there was no Marmite for a while. That was a catastrophe! Thankfully, back in stock. Also imported. The pandemic has affected a lot of distribution chains.
There was a shortage of contact lense solution in the Uk too a few weeks ago. Boots didn’t have any neither did Superdrug but I got some own brand in Wilko !
Homer is on Burns and they have had promotions the last two times I’ve ordered his food maybe in preparation for prices to increase?
Homer’s insurance went up a big jump this year!
I do think generally everything has gone up.
Homer is on Burns and they have had promotions the last two times I’ve ordered his food maybe in preparation for prices to increase?
I got a new bag for Cassie this week, the first for 3 months -- no price increase so far I'm happy to say :happy:. What's more the shop that I go to are now Gold Loyalty suppliers meaning that every sixth bag I purchase will be free, instead of every eighth. So overall that will be a discount of about £5-7 per 12kg bag that I buy, depending how much of the Alert, which doesn't have VAT on it, that I purchase:happy: