Dog friendly cottage in Somerset


East Sussex
This is where I stayed earlier this month. The owner is lovely and genuinely welcomes dogs. I had originally booked to go with Molly back in the spring but eventually left her at home and shared with my brother and sister-in-law.There is an entry in the information file in the cottage that says that dogs are welcome on the furniture but asks you to cover them first with the blankets (nice ones!) provided.
There is no garden at all, just a small table and 2 chairs outside the door, but you are only about a minute's walk from a public footpath across fields. The village (where I grew up) has almost no public transport so you do need a car.
It was fine for 3 adults but probably best suited to a couple as there is a good double bedroom downstairs with the second bedroom being on a mezzanine landing, up a steep staircase, so a bit open to the world! Good-sized bathroom with walk-in shower, downstairs. Extremely well-equipped kitchen (more machines and utensils than I have at home!)
I spent 3 nights at this cottage back at the beginning of the month, and can confirm @Joy s recommendation. It was perfect for me and Cassie as I was much in need of a few days R & R. It was a lovely dog friendly break.

And the furniture is really comfortable too.
Cassie can confirm that this is so!

The lack of garden wasn't a problem for me for that short stay, the weather was poor anyway.
The owners have offered me a discounted weekend if I want to go back, on account of the weather!
Considering the weather in the UK, that was a very generous offer! 😳

Just about holiday rentals with dogs in general: I was recently reading the fine print for a cottage I'm interested in Cornwall. Upside down cottage, bedrooms (carpeted) on ground floor, kitchen and sitting room (wood plank) on first floor. Contract said, "Dogs not allowed upstairs or in bedrooms". Which pretty much leaves sticking the dog in the bathroom??

An obvious case of boiler plate legal contract not matching the property. Also made me laugh that dogs were not to be on any of the furniture and the homepage of the property featured an adorable photo of a border terrier on the cushions of the built in window seat. 😁
Still remember my favourite holiday rental last year in Ireland: got there and assured the owner that Carbon would be staying on his bed in the living room and not on the sofa. "Why on earth would you do that, now? Let that dog on the sofa, won't you?" I pointed out to the owner that it was in her letting description that "dogs were not allowed on the furniture".

"What a load of shite, I surely didn't write that! Get that dog on the sofa where he belongs!"