Doggy brags

For when you want to share the wonderful thing your doggy did today!

Mine was this morning. I was walking with J and the four dogs up to our normal off-lead morning spot, when I saw three unfamiliar dogs running around up the hill. It was too much to ask of Shadow, so he took the twins for a walk around the village while I carried on with Squidge and Ginny.
I saw the two people separate, one continuing up the hill away from us with one dog, and a man coming back towards us with two dogs. From a distance, the dogs looked friendly, but I kept Squidge on lead as they were unfamiliar. The man took note and also put his two dogs on lead (wow!). When I was close enough, I called, "She's very friendly", and he replied "So are mine, but this one is young and mad". So, that was that, we let them off to have a bit of a play together. When we were ready to go our separate ways, Squidge came away at the first call.

I continued up the hill, and the lady reappeared coming towards us with a very small Irish setter who I recognised from last year. Luna trotted a few paces towards her, stopped, then came back to me. She then walked wonderfully besides me until we were about fifteen feet away, at which point I released her to go play. She trotted up, had a nice greeting, then came back.

A little while later, with the other dogs having gone, J joined us up on the hill, and then we walked back home together. One of the tour company reps came past us, smiling at the Labs all walking wonderfully on loose leads, and said, "Oh, I wish I could have a pack of dogs!". I laughed, offered her Squidge's lead and said, "Here, you can have this hooligan if you like!".

But, you know what - it made me realise that she's not really that much of a hooligan any more. Yes, she's still full of herself and the most joyous bean that ever walked the earth, but underneath all that, she's a brilliant little girl who I can be proud of - most of the time :)
My brag is from yesterday.

Occasionally I go into the town centre to do some shopping or banking with Maisy in tow. Yesterday we did 2 different banks, Argos and a funeral office. In the banks and Argos Maisy sat patiently waiting while I did the transactions, did not move even when kids were running about in the bank, the lady in the bank remarked on how well behaved she was We stood in the queues and moved gradually along, sitting, moving along, sitting etc. Then in the funeral office she stood watching people pass by and was also very good, I was chatting to the man about his dog etc. and I was telling him how good she had been.

Then as we left there she spied the pet shop. Now the man in the pet shop always gives her a sausage so she always tries to get in there, once refusing to move from outside the shop as I was trying to pull her past. People were actually laughing at this spectacle.
This time she pulled so hard that I was caught off guard, dropped my shopping and looked like a total twit with an out of control dog. I am just hoping the funeral man did not see.

So if you ignore the pet shop incident, she was a very good girl.


Devon, UK
My brag is at dog training tonight, there was a world of distraction going on - high energy agility right next to where we were, other dogs in the class trotting over to say hi (twice!), massive winds and biblical rain lashing the metal doors and roof of the barn - and Kipper focused on me, stayed beautifully on his bed when asked and was a little champ. Hooray!
Our usual morning routine on work days is a play at the park with the same group of neighbourhood dog friends, including some ball throwing by another owner that Quinn lives for. This morning no one was around, so we crossed the street to the other park that has a short trail to do a solo walk. On our way back, Quinn spotted said owner and dog with ball at the other park and went full pelt to go there (meaning she would run across a street). I called her she spun around and came back to me, full run. Recalled from a chuckit ball...GOOD girl :rock:


Biscuit Tin Guardian
Had this been yesterday , I would have happily contributed . As it is , Reuben has today eaten part of a dead pigeon , pinched a packet of biscuits ( my fault for the temptation ) and dug a wonderful hole up the garden , maybe tomorrow eh ? x
Still just a baby though, Kate. He'll be fine with your love and guidance, just wait and see.xx


Biscuit Tin Guardian
Had a lovely if wet and windy walk today with two of the ladies who walk their dogs around the Copley area. We just happened to meet up at the same time and decided that despite the weather we fancied doing The Loop, a circular walk (you don't say!) that crosses lots of fields that are currently free of livestock, so great for doggy hoolies and also a pretty woodland path with good smells. So off we set with Jim, Jack Russell, 10 years, his little but bigger sister, Kel, Lurcher, 18 months, Penny, Dalmatian, 17 months and of course GGJ, who will be two next month. The three female dogs have known each other since they were pups and are well matched in size, temperament and style of play so they had a brilliant time tearing around through the mud together. Jim treats them with a touch of scorn and just does his own thing. For much of the time the dogs were ahead of us, being somewhat faster and I was pleased to notice Joy checking in with me round about every 30 seconds. It was really sweet, she'd just nip back to make sure I was still there, or her little face would suddenly pop up over a dry stone wall, looking for me.
On the path through the woods we rounded a corner and suddenly came unexpectedly upon a woman with a dog on lead. Penny and Kel raced over to investigate and the poor woman started shouting 'Away! Away!' at them. Joy hadn't run over, she came back as soon as I called her and I put her on lead. Fortunately Penny and Kel were soon called off and so an incident was avoided. It seems this poor dog was very nervous of other dogs, so very reactive. I was pleased with Joy for not running straight up to it and with her prompt recall.
Back down towards the river. At this particular point the bank is very steep and years ago Solstice as a young dog hurtled down there in typical Sol fashion only to find that she couldn't get back up and I couldn't reach her to help her. At this point she started to cry hysterically. A man who lived nearby came out to see what this poor dog was screeching about and was able to help me get her back. Today Kel and Penny who are both bigger than Joy jumped down and were straight into the river. Joy went to follow them and I was going to let her as I knew that between the three of us we could help her back up. But no! She stopped, looked at the drop, then put herself in a Down Stay and just settled, watching the other two until they boinged back up and play was resumed! I was SO impressed with her! It looks like I might have a sensible and clever little dog! I suppose she's growing up, bless her.
Back at home she has slept, only waking to help me with carrot peel. She also had a go at licking the top of my tube of Nikwax leather waterproofing stuff but I think she probably thought it was liver paste! What a little star. GoodGirlJoy!:inlove::inlove::inlove: