Doggy dreaming

Up until today, I had only ever witnessed dogs having what I believe to be ‘good dreams’: feet twitching, tails wagging, gentle barks or even sleep-humping (this was a new one on me ‘til we got Neo!), but today Neo had what I can only think of as a nightmare 😕

Earlier this afternoon he was curled up fast asleep on the sofa when he suddenly started screaming, very high pitched, similar to how he sounds if he’s hurt himself. He woke himself up mid scream and looked so confused and upset. He was quite scared and came over to me trembling. He leaned into me and I comforted him and checked him over just in case. Once he had calmed down he chose to curl up on his bed and went back to sleep and has been fine since.

Has anyone else experienced their dog having a bad dream/nightmare? I felt so sorry for him, poor lad.
Yes, I’ve been wondering what he was dreaming about too, it was clearly very scary to him. It’s something I’ve not really thought about before.