Echo - Guide Dog puppy .

Another good night. This time I slept too! Bed at 10pm and I woke him up at 7am. Breakfast at 7:30am - he sat by the food cupboard and woofed! But feeding just after getting up is a bad idea as he would start associating the two, so he has to wait and he’s NOT impressed!

I can see some darker red tones coming on his nose - I hope he ends up fox red like his Dad.


A reminder of what his Dad looks like :inlove:

Ugh that wet “slop slop” sound all night long....:hungover:
Yep, and her tummy is red and itchy, too, and this evening I noticed that she's chewed some hair away underneath her tail where it's also a bit scabby. Antihistamines haven't helped, so it's back to the vet with her. The problem is, she can't have steroids because it can trigger a leish relapse.... although as I mentioned in my other post, I'm still not 100% convinced she actually has it, so... gaaaaagh!!!