Enrichment Toys

Hi everyone,
I am looking for some ideas for enrichment toys for Oreo (and possibly some dogs at work). I was looking at getting a snuffle mat for her as she is very food oriented, but wondered if there was anything else similar idea to snuffle mats that anyone could suggest?

Thanks in advance! x


Oh gosh what a question!

Otter adores her snuffle cube, snuffle balls.

snuffle cube

Busy Buddy Squirrel

Have a look at Etsy and search for snuffle mats, they have an amazing range :) I bought this one for Otter Snuffle forage mat

Busy buddy do a great range, some like the Tug a Jug are quite challenging, Otter loves this one and you can hear her clattering around the kitchen! Check out Amazon for their whole range Busy Buddy Toys.