Feeding Raw - turkey necks

OK, so after being worried about Lilly almost choking on a bit of beef scalp a couple of months back - it was stuck in the roof of her mouth, possibly some down her throat....not exactly choking perhaps, but not quite the prolonged chew I was expecting - thought I would try turkey necks as she has always enjoyed a meaty bone from the butcher.
Saw the turkey necks in the raw food freezer at an independent pet shop. 2 pretty good sized necks for £2.
Anyway, defrosted for about an hour or so (the recommended was 2 hours) and sent her out with it when the rain went off. She licked it abit and gave it a chew but it pretty much went right down her gullet.
Kind of expecting it to come up again.
I guess at least she didn't choke on it.
Is this normal????
I made sure she was undisturbed in the garden, so in theory, no hurry for her to eat it.
I would welcome your advice Raw Feeders.
I've found this to be quite normal for dogs who aren't used to eating raw - they are in such a hurry to eat it, that it just goes down in one. It may or may not come back up. You should find that the more frequently you give her a neck or similar, the more she'll chew it before swallowing. Having said that, it still takes my lot less than a minute to eat a raw chicken carcass, or back (except Ginny, who takes a couple of minutes, but only because her teeth are all pretty much stubs!).
When I fed Odie a raw diet I was told that dogs tend to give chicken and turkey necks a tiny chew but generally just swallow it whole, then they sometimes throw it back up shortly after then swallow it whole again. I never did try them
I had great success with turkey necks for Duncan, Brogan and various foster dogs and puppies. However, Carbon just swallows them without chewing and then chucks them up again. And again. I decided I didn't have the intestinal fortitude myself to try for lucky number three and gave up on buying them. :sick:
I’ve not fed Snowie turkey necks—haven’t come across them. I remember that he used to throw up chicken necks (don’t feed them anymore). Apparently the tiny bones are quite ticklish. I guess you could say irritating.

As for chewing, depending on the bones, he’ll give a few crunches and then swallow. With chicken feet, it’s a few crunches and then swallow. With venison ribs, he spends quite a bit of time first licking, turning it around, and then settling in. If it’s something new, he always takes his time to lick and figure it out.

I wouldn’t worry though. If it’s too big (cos she didn’t chew enough), it’ll should come back up. :)
Maisy will chomp on a raw lamb neck and it takes quite a while, then the last piece seems to just disappear and I think she swallows quite a large chunk whole. It never comes up though, so far. When she was a pup she often brought chunks of things up again - yes, middle of the night - but hasn't done that in a long while. I haven't tried turkey as she doesn't like other turkey flavoured things, have tried duck but she didn't want that. Very fussy girl! She won't eat raw chicken wings either.