Fish4dogs -up to 35% off with code

There's a nifty little hack to use on Fish4dogs to get a hefty discount:

Firstly, they are doing a 15% Black Friday Discount on everything until Wed 2 December.
Then if you spend over £100 there's an additional 10% bulk discount.
Then you can add this code: JESS10 (thought you might like that @Jessica !) to get an additional 10% off. It looks like they apply the 10% off £100 first which is brilliant - my £122 basket came down to £82 (and I still got the 10% bulk discount)

Delivery is slower - around 10 days - but I think it's a good deal. Lucky dogs even got advent calendars - at £7.50 a pop they would never have got these at full price!

(I say 'up to' as discounts are applied consecutively so it's more like 33% )