I tried a human fitbit on Lady to see how many steps she did on a walk and it didn't work. I think the fitbit didn't recognise the dog gate as actual walking.
I'd never even heard of the FitBark!

I do have to smart watches - a pretty watch that I also receive calls/emails/messages on and a simple fitness watch that I use when I don't want to wear my pretty one. They both link to my Google Fit app so I can track my steps etc. I'm not too worried about the data but, as I work in an office, I like to make sure I get to my 10,000steps each day.
Am I missing the point is this something that could he useful? Is it a health care thing?
It’s marketed as a fitness thing, like the FitBit for humans. For me, I want to use the data to see if there is a correlation between rest and reactivity/anxiety in my dogs. That’s probably of little interest to people with “normal” dogs, and why I’ve not bothered with getting them for Luna or Ginny.