Food pouches

I quite like the James Wellbeloved dog food pouches for recall training; they're very high value and the ingredients list is pretty reasonable (Lamb meat, rice, peas, carrots, sugar beet pulp, sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, linseed oil, sodium chloride, seaweed, alfalfa, tomato). They're shelf stable so I can keep one in my pouch and use it only if necessary.
They're designed to be used as either a complete food or as a topper; I was casually scanning the back of the packet earlier and took note of the feeding guide for the first time.
For my Labs, the recommended amount if using as a complete food is... drum roll ... 11 to 18 pouches a day!! Each!! :cwl:

Yeah, maybe not.
I read that too, Maisy went through a phase of liking them. That is a huge pile of food, I just used two and it was plenty for one meal.
Of course she had other things throughout the day, but I don't think she would have eaten 6 to 9 pouches in one sitting.
When I worked out the amount of nuggets from Nature's Menu needed for Maisy's weight etc. that was enormous too.