Forum Privacy


Just thought it would be a good idea to clarify how the forum works in terms of protecting your privacy, useful as well for new members. The moderating team work hard to ensure that our little forum is a safe space, without intrusive adverts or algorithms tracking online behaviour.

Newly registered members do not have access to every forum board, only the boards you view as a "logged out" guest. Before being granted access, new members need to reach a certain post number which helps us get to know them. Posts by newly registered members are always moderated before being published.

Messaging other members is approved when new members are no longer moderated. This is to prevent members joining just to spam via our messaging system.

Messages between members are PRIVATE, only the forum administrator (Beanwood) technically can access messages, but it is a complicated process. This something we would not, and NEVER have done.

We can, and have created private and safe areas for forum members, please just reach out to one of our forum moderators if you need to discuss this.

Finally, not everything is foolproof! but please do reach out if you spot something isn't working for you! :computerrage:

The Mod Team :)