Girl or boy,?

I'm having a new pup next year. I am planning on a boy and want a boy I like boys best. I'm on a waiting list and keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully there will be a boy for me but what if there's only a girl? I could happily accept a girl from this litter,. Hopefully she won't be evil?but that would be ok too. The only thing that worries me is a female coming into season as Rory will be uncastrated. How has everyone else managed this? Does the implant if you've used one work well? My plan would be let the girl mature through her first season then spay, so I would be only going through one cycle with the female. I'd like to hear your comments as I never done this before as Douglas was castrated before Moo arrived. Thanks x


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Girls are great. I have boy pups now because Zaba stays with me a lot and he’s an entire male so I worry about seasons.

But I love the girlies ??
Having had girls and boys, I much prefer boys, you get what you see :) But if I wanted a pup from a particular breeder and they only had girls, then I would have a girl. I don't know about the chemical castration, but on the face of it it seems a good idea. I am not sure how long it takes to be effective as you would not really know when the female pup would have her first season.
I've had boys and girls and prefer the girls ? - it's personal choice. I had to wait 8 months for Juno's litter because I wanted a girl and the previous litter of pups was 8 boys and 2 girls - and guess who was no 3 on the wait list for a girl ?. I was offered a boy but we decided to wait for our little girl. Have to say she was well worth the wait ??. We very nearly took on a pup from Juno's breeder last year - a little black boy ??.
It's worth investigating the implant for Rory. I know I did some research for a client last year and seem to remember that it's good for around 6 months and becomes fully effective in a couple of weeks.
Shadow has had two doses of the implant. It takes about six weeks to become effective and lasts about six months. For him, it worked really well and he didn’t seem to notice Luna being in season at all. I’ve heard it’s less effective for some boys and they still need monitoring.
I was really concerned that it would increase his nervousness, but I really don’t think he had any temperament changes. I thought maybe it might have made him less reactive, but in hindsight I think that was training that had that effect as he’s still far better now than he previously was and he’s well and truly entire again!

With my experience, I chose a girl for my last pup because of Shadow’s reactivity, but having seen how Luna is I would happily go with either sex for my next because I would ensure the litter was bred for temperament. If you know you’ve done everything there as far as you can, then I don’t think the sex is really a concern.


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I have had both and I don't mind which I have. Like Fiona I go for temperament more than anything else.
I love both, but personally I just prefer boys.

When we had Bones and Poppy came into season for the first time, he went to stay with a friend for a couple of weeks. It was fine.


I love the boys! So straightforward. But oh my, Bramble is just so awesome to have around! Now she has matured and got the hang of her hormones, her intelligence and humour have come through, with gentle care her confidence is soaring. She didn't have the instant wow factor of Benson, Casper or the delectable Romeo we have here, but God I love working with her and having her bimbling with her quietly beside me, just girls out for a walk :)
I have found Hattie so straight forward, easy to train and just super wonderful to have around, I truly treasure every moment I spend with her :love:.

Obviously Charlie is a different kettle of fish for many reasons :rolleyes::( but I do love the bones of him xx :love:

I would never want to make the decision about 'balls' I don't like to see them hanging :puke: and the subject is too controversial! xx