Happy 8 Year Gotcha Day Charlie :)

It is 8 years today that Charlie became one of our family at 9 months old as a very untrained rescue. It's been very tough, fun and a very steap learning curve but worth every single second. We have cried, laughed and been amazed at how much Charlie is capable of, he has come a long way. He has his faults but he is the most loving dog who adores human company and loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his head under anyones chin just to be as close as he can. We all thank you Charlie from the bottom of our hearts just for being you :sun:

We all love you so much warts an all :inlove::heart: xxx

Happy Gotcha Day, Charlie! I recall in years gone by the posts about running off into the distance... for hours? Having to be kept on leash? Lovely to see him leash-free in a field! :)

PS His stories gave me solace with a wild Lab puppy who would hotfoot it into the distance, too.