Happy official Gotcha Day, Señor Carboncito!

It's been over a year since I met Carbon as a dog walker at my local Spanish shelter. It's been over a year since I took him home as a foster six weeks later. But it's been exactly a year since I signed all the paperwork for Carbon and Paul so that they were legally mine. There was a lot of drama at the time and I was VERY happy to be holding those two blue passports!


Paul of course has gone on to become Vizzy and live a cushy and happy life in Wiltshire. It took me a very long time to think that I wasn't just a way station for Carbon on his way to his forever family. There wasn't one "eureka!" moment in time where I thought, "He's staying": it was more a bunch of little changes and experiences.

So I'm appointing today, the date in his passport, as Carbon's Gotcha Day.

I've said it before, but Carbon and I both have had our MLF guardian angels. Through their support and the support of everyone here, I was finally able to see what others already knew for quite some time now: Carbon is MY Besito Boy.

I'll say it right here: "Ok, ok...I'm a LITTLE slow on the uptake!" :sneaky:

In honour of Carbon and also of Brogan - who has whispering in my ear that it's LONG since time - I'm also changing my avatar today. The photo of Brogan in Dingle (Ireland) that I've used for my avatar for three years is one that I travel with constantly and that won't change. The frame is getting a little battered at this point, but Brogan's photo is always with me: even if it's just a one night stop in a hotel, he's right there on the nightstand next to me.

But it's time to honour the new guard. The first photo of Carbon I've chosen to use is a small salute to Brogan. It was taken at a park overlooking the island of Burano (Venice). It was one of Brogan's very favourite spots and we used to go there nearly every Sunday when we lived in Venice. Carbon also loved it, as you can see from the look on his face. Here are both boys in Burano, taken five years apart:

P1100494 (1).jpg


Finally one last photo of the both of us, also taken in another favourite Brogan spot: in Dingle overlooking the Three Sisters. I took Carbon there last fall and was feeling rather sad that day until we sat down on the side of a cliff and I was on the receiving end of some wet and sloppy Carbon besitos.

What a wonderful boy, and how very lucky am I that he found his way to me? :heart:

Sometimes we don't see what is right under our nose!!

Happy Gotcha day wonderful Carbon and may you both share many, many more beautiful years together making each other happy, having fun and full of love. A happy ending :heart::heart::hug: xxx


It took me a long time to change my profile photo on here @Emily_Babbelhund , I dithered for ages before doing it . What I know though, is that it does not lessen the love we had for the one who went before , we honour them by giving love to another dog , bless you xx
And none of us - not a single one - are ever going to get tired of seeing Sam photos, or Brogan, Duncan, Millie, Tessa, Mama Jodhi, or any of the other fur-family who have walked alongside us in days gone by.


Queen of Turnips
Devon, UK
What a happy post Emily, I’m so pleased you’ve both reached this point - and hark for’ard to all your shared adventures hereon in :celebrate: Fantastic avatar photo too. Happy gotcha day, to the most handsomest Spaneesh gentledog in town :heart: