Hattie is Retiring

Hattie has been a Pets as Therapy dog for 3 1/2 years, making her weekly trips to the Hospice and hospital wards. We are going to spend two months from next weekend in Scotland with some of our children then hopefully making our final move soon after so it is a good time to leave. Hattie is almost 12 years old and has some minor health issues. I have noticed she is slowing down just a bit and is taking more rests on our rounds which are 2 hours, I absolutely must put her first. I think it's time to let her hang up her tabard with pride and take a well earned rest. Our very last visit is 28th June and I don't mind telling you I am an emotional wreck, it's going to be a tough visit. I feel just awful taking Hattie away from everyone, the staff, patients and wonderful volunteers too. The Hospice Day Care which is very close to our hearts is very difficult to leave as we have known some of the patients for as long as we have been visiting. I let them know a couple of weeks ago, their faces when I told them almost broke my heart :'( These amazing people have been such a big part of our lives and we are going to miss every one of them so very much.

I have been truly honoured to have had the best and most rewarding experience with my very best friend by my side. xx


Biscuit Tin Guardian
Oh, bless, bless, bless her and you for the wonderful things you have done and the happiness and companionship that between you, you have no doubt brought to many people. Hattie is without doubt a total star and deserves her retirement just as much as the next dog/person. Much love and admiration all round. xxx


Queen of Turnips
Devon, UK
What phenomenal service you and Hattie have given. Instead of the leaving, focus on all those people you’ve helped. You’ve done incredible work and Hattie deserves her time off - you’re her best advocate and you know what’s right for her. Congratulations for a super job well done xxx
The amount of joy and comfort you and Hattie have brought to the residents and patients is unmeasurable. Your last day will be hard but you know Hattie best and if it is time for her to retire then it is the right thing to do. From someone who knows the healing power of a therapy dog as a patient, deep thanks and respect to you and Hattie for your service.
I have been truly honoured to have had the best and most rewarding experience with my very best friend by my side.
You and Hattie have done an amazing thing - just hold onto that and try not to get upset. Sky was a PAT dog for several years - we stopped when she was 10 and the arthritis had set in badly. I always think of those times with joy and love the feeling that our fabulous girl gave such pleasure to so many. You will get get satisfaction from knowing Hattie did the same ❤:hug:


Cornwall , UK
Bless you both , what a wonderful gift Hattie has given , her time . She deserves to rest up a little now even though its going to be tough on you . Be proud , of her and yourself too xx


Bristol, UK
Helen, the happiness you and Hattie has given the residents is unmeasurable and it’s something that will always stay with them. You know your girl the best and have made the decision to ensure the rest of her life is pleasurable. Hugs to you both x