Hattie's Last Pets as Therapy Visit

On 28th June Hattie and I made our last visit as Pets as Therapy. It was the Hospice Day Care summer BBQ which made our last day extra special. It was a Hawaiian theme so of course we wore our flower garlands. We went up on to the ward and the hospice to say our goodbyes to patients and staff which was very tough. To our surprise the staff had bought me a bottle of prosecco and Hattie a big chew bone. The lovely lady who does all the admin arranged for lots of photo's to be taken and I will receive copies, We then went down to the Hospice Day Care where everyone was waiting for Hattie and enjoying themselves with music, a magician and so much food. Hattie had a huge sausage, lucky girlie! :dug: After a little while the Sister got up and to my surprise asked Hattie and I to join her where she made a lovely speech about us, more photo's and presented us with gifts and cards from staff, volunteers and patients and more lovely chews for Hattie. I can't tell you how over whelmed I was, so emotional that they did this for us when they have so much more to do and think about.

Hattie and I presented the Day Care with a framed photo of Hattie that my youngest son took last year. The photo has already been hung up for everyone to remember Hattie with love.

This is the photo we presented.

Hattie has never let me down always loving, caring, instinctively knowing exactly what to do, with a little extra special love for the most poorly. I am bursting with pride with the work my girl has done, all the people she has cared for especially nearing end of life. Hattie attended a special patient's funeral and did some sneaky home visits to our special friend 'K' who we also gave a copy of the photo to, he was very emotional bless him. Hattie couldn't have done any more and can retire with pride :inlove: x

Here is a photo of Hattie wearing her flower garland having a rest in the Hospice garden :heart: xx

It's the end of a very special 3 1/2 years for us, very humbling, sometimes sad but the one thing I have taken away is to do what you want in life, don't delay. It has been a complete honour and privilege to have spent time with the most amazing people, the staff, patients and their families not to mention the amazing volunteers who give their time unconditionally. I will treasure our time and hold all these memories close to my heart.

I was lucky enough to do this with my very best friend by my side. Thank you my darling Hattie xxx
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What a lovely, inspiring post and the hospice was so lucky to have you and beautiful Hattie visit them over the years.

I can't see the pictures for some reason, perhaps they will appear on my work laptop tomorrow
Oh Helen, what a moving last day, even that day will have given the patients and staff in the hospital such pleasure to do that for you and all will be left with smiling faces and happy feelings, even though there will be sadness that Hattie is leaving, they have the most beautiful photo of Hattie to look at. It must have been a very emotional day for you x


This brought a tear to my eye Helen. You must be so proud of gorgeous Hattie, and of yourself too. Well done for doing so much for people near the end of their lives, it will have meant so very much to them xxx
Having a retired PAT dog myself - Sky, I understand everything you say. Well done to you and Hattie - you have made a difference to so many. I love that our dogs have worked as well as being part of family. I hope Hattie enjoys her truly deserved retirement ❤