Hello From Charlie Brown (and me!)


Biscuit Tin Guardian
Wow, I've had a crazy weekend and only just managed to pop back in. Thank you all for the warm welcome, and for the compliments to Charlie Brown. We also think he is a handsome guy, if a bit stinky - he is a typical adolescent and has decided that baths are not his thing at the moment!

Your messages are a balm after a walk yesterday in which he wrapped me in the long lead and pulled me over! Thank you, thank you, I look forward to participating more.
Oh! This sounds altogether familiar and Labrador-like! You're definitely in the right place here!
Pee Ess, more photos please.:heart::inlove:
Thanks, Candy, I'm happy to have the chance to talk with other Labrador folk! Surprisingly, Charlie Brown is very difficult to photograph! I'm not sure if it is his color, or his constant movement (!) but I hardly ever get a a good one. I'll keep trying!