Home cooked dog food 101: any advice?


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Hi all - we’ve decided to properly try home cooking for the boys to replace their current kibble and bought treats. Mainly this is to improve their diets, and make things tastier for them.

I’ve learned a lot re-reading through posts on this thread, but wondered if anyone had specific pointers for beginners (or wanted to highlight previous posts). Hints and tips, things to avoid; we’re not on Facebook and keen to avoid it, but we are keen to hear from trusted friends!
I switched Poppy to a home-cooked / raw food diet when she was still a puppy. I did check with the vet, and ended up buying supplements to ensure she got all the necessary nutrients. Over time I've modified the diet I provide both dogs - they both now get a raw chicken wing in the morning, with cooked vegetables, and a bit of rice or potato. I add either an egg, or a shared tin of sardines, whatever leftovers we have, or a bit of good quality canned food to this. In the afternoons they get kibble, followed by a raw carrot as a snack. It's partly to give them a change of diet, but also making life easier for me rather than having to do two fully home cooked or raw meals. It works for us!
Have you considered raw meat and raw meaty bones? You can also buy readymade raw meals, all balanced. You’d need to make sure you’re buying from a reputable company cos there are many people marketing raw food, which might not be balanced or good quality.

Snowie eats raw meat/bones. I make up the meals myself. In addition, he also eats our vegan meals! His diet is very varied.

Variety is important to make sure nutrients are varied. Some foods/animals/animal parts have more of one nutrient but less of another.

There are many cooked food recipes online. Best of luck! It’s a lot of work. I sometimes get lazy and buy readymade raw food. This week my monthly delivery arrives. I’m not looking forward to Thursday—prep day.
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Devon, UK
I do make Fred and Annie's treats, liver cake etc. I also have a book called "Dinner for Dogs" by Henrietta Morrison of Lily's kitchen. I brought it second hand off ebay. There is one on ebay now for £4.72. My two have a mixture of home made meals and tinned dog food with mixers biscuits.

Fab, thanks for recommendation Cath - we’ve just got her treats book and I really like it, lots of good sense and clearly huge love for dogs.


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When I give them tinned Butcher's tripe loaf, I also give Fred 120 gms of Royal Canin Maxi and Annie gets Tesco Adult mixer 60 gms (that is for one meal). The other is a meal that I make. They have two meals a day one at 12 lunch and the other at 5.

Annie use to be very itchy, but since I have started to give home made meals and the above, she has stopped itching. I always make doggie treat
The vet is very please with them both. He said they are the healthiest Labradors he has seen, lovely coats and not over weight. Annie is very pleased that he said she has a nice little waist :giggl:
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