Is this normal?


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I agree with Kate above @Jennifer .
I do too, you really seem to have things under control. We watch Maxx and if he shows signs of not liking the other dog we politely ask the owner(s) to please keep walking as we are 'in training' and they always keep going (so far anyway!). We have become quite good at knowing which dogs Maxx will take a dislike to even before he shows signs. It's not often he does but we just manage it
We have become quite good at knowing which dogs
I think this is the thing with our dogs as a whole.

Getting to know them - and that takes time doesn't it?
Yes there are breed traits but in different doses and they are all such individuals. I suppose the thing with puppies is how much is their own character and personality and how much is their developmental stage affecting them.
Hunter had a very busy socialising weekend and I’m pleased to report did very well. I was really happy with how it went. Saturday we went to my auntie’s. My cousin and his family were visiting and wanted to meet Hunter. I decided we’d go there to give him a ride in the car and go somewhere new. He did a little bit of whinging in the car but I think if it had been further he’d have settled. When we got there he wasn’t phased at all by being in a strange place and meeting four strangers. He loved the attention and getting to root around new smells. It was commented on how calm he was.😊 They have a two year old fox red lab so they do have something to compare him to. Yesterday afternoon we called in on my cousin who lives down our lane. They had visitors. Another four strangers for Hunter to meet plus a Pug ! Well he decided he loved the pug. It did cross my mind he might think it was some sort of cuddly toy🤔. The pug is used to mixing with other dogs as it used to go to doggy daycare so when they sniffed each other she wasn’t pushy and very quickly lost interest in Hunter which of course made her irresistible to him. He bowed, he bounced, he yapped, he barked she was not interested so he would go and give her a lick and sniff every so often incase she’d changed her mind.

I know what I need to train myself to do keep the lead slack when we meet dogs. I realised yesterday when we met a couple of cockerpoos walking that I keep Hunter’s lead tight. It’s a habit from Scott and Scout. I was always ready to move them if I noticed them getting stressed if they decided to say hello to another dog, which was rare, usually given away by a slight lip curl. I also always kept my eye on the other dog for signs so I could move my dog away quick. That’s what I’m doing with Hunter watching the other dog for a reaction like the giant alsation had. Old habits die hard 🤨