Labradors, cover your ears!


Manchester UK
What I’m about to write is outrage!

Ted, like many Cavapoos, is hopeless at eating. I put his food down and he looks at it, then looks at me as if to say “do you really want to poison me?”

Mornings are like this. I put out their food, sprinkled with a little salmon oil and liver powder. (Yum yum! 😋 )

Tatze dives in and devours the lot in one minute or less from her slow bowl. Ted jumps on my knee and watches her. I put him down and Tatze lies down and looks longingly at his dish. He proceeds to sniff it and walk away. Just occasionally he’ll deign to eat a few mouthfuls. Once he’s gone I let Tatze polish it off (factored into her diet)

Evenings are slightly better. Same routine, Ted sits on my knee until Tatze has finished, then slowly slowly eats his meal. I give Tatze one kibble for every four he eats (also factored in) then - after a looong time he walks away. Sometimes, occasionally, he even finishes it!

I don’t worry about this, he’s a healthy happy dog - but after having a Lab it’s just plain weird. Tatze agrees!


Who, me?



Mama Red HOT Pepper
Yes, having had Labs for so long now I would probably be worried by a dog who didn't eat EVERYTHING, ALL OF IT, RIGHT AWAY!:rofl:
My Rotties would usually just decide not to eat 2-3 meals per week. Like Ted, couldn't be bothered. It used to kind of tick me off a bit, especially if I'd spent eons of time shopping and cooking for all the ingredients. But I certainly didn't worry.

If CARBÓN missed a meal, I'd take him straight to the emergency vet. It hasn't once happened in six years, even after major surgery or during his leish chemo treatments. His vet says he's the only dog she's ever seen gain wait during chemo. And he gained SIGNIFICANT weight. 😂

So yeah...if he missed a meal, I would put the sirens on the TARDIS and get his furry little backside to the vet in record time!
One of my work colleagues is always talking about how she has to put various things on her cavapoos' food to get them to eat it. I just... Can't relate. Today Chewie was drooling literal drops of saliva on the floor because I was eating an orange...