Lazy days


Cornwall , UK
Reuben is always up for a walk, or should I say a run :giggl: Yesterday, the weather was foul , this doesnt usually stop his desire to get out there but once more, Nelly wasnt too good so our walks were short , very short by his standard . Usually if for some reason his walk is not up to scratch , I play with him in the garden during early evening , finding things is his favourite game by far but he seemed to sense that a) the weather was grim and b) Nelly wasnt herself and so he just hunkered down and went to sleep . Maybe they enjoy a lazy day too from time to time ?x
Maybe they enjoy a lazy day too from time to time ?x
Oh yes, I think so!!

Cassie made me laugh this morning, I sometimes take her with me when I go to "work" in the morning, she waits in the car and afterwards we go for a good walk, somewhere different. This morning it was horrid here, really chilly and it had rained overnight. She got halfway across the garden, planted her feet on the gravel and said very clearly ""Nooo fank yoo, I'd like to stop here on my armchair!!" So she did, what's more my daughter came down and played with the puppy for 15 minutes and Cassie never got off the chair!!:rofl:

Can't help but love them can you? :hearteyesdog:


Shadow says lazy days are NOT for him, thankyooverymuch!!

The girls would all happily have a day off every now and again. Ginny isn't being walked at the moment as she has some pain (she's coming to the end of her two-month rest from her NSAIDs and we're waiting on a blood test before she can go back on them again) and she couldn't care less. I took her out for an empty this morning, and as soon as she'd done her thing, she turned around and sprinted back to the door, so she could get on her bed again...
Do not get lazy days in this house. Without fail the lick alarm clock is at 5am, then to make sure a double lick with a bounce from a double alarm clock. Toilet, walk and breakfast time....then through out the day at certain times it is play/game time. come evening once they have had their dinner about an hour after it is stare time for the evening please explain 'what are lazy days'??? V & H say they don't exist, but they do have their sleep during the day
please explain? not in a million years can I get these two to do I can hope for is a toilet break and go back to bed for all of 10min...
It just happened and I can't explain it. Or maybe it is a nice consequence of my ongoing WFH? We get up much later now because I don't have to get ready in the morning and also there's no commute. I'm not complaining mind! I hope the same happens for you @VanillaBean - although maybe the fact that there are two and they egg each other on? That used to happen with our first lab and our cat.
Yes, rainy days are lazy days here! Rain is a big no thank you from her highness. We call Quinn a teenager - she is last up every day! I have to call her lazy bum downstairs for morning walk and I've recently started leaving her to sleep as long as she wants (in our bed no less) and her first walk is my lunch break!
Chewie is the laziest dog in the world. Sometimes I have to check that he is alive. :giggl: Especially if it's raining. No thanks. No walks today. Do not like.