Librela for humans?

I'm really sorry to hear this. Living in constant pain is horrible. You are very brave Sarah.
I'm just doing what anyone else would do and make the best of things. 30 years of my adult life has been this, I cope the best I can. It gets worse as I go on but it matters less as that's the way it is. It's just a different life than I expected. Anyway of to Dobbies they've got a 20% off rose sale on.
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My Dad has started physio and he is surprised it is helping :facepalm:.
Have you tried acupuncture? It doesn't work for everybody but worth a try.
We got him an acupuncture appointment (as he was being "open" for new things!) with the man who has also helped my brother. Dad was surprised about the relief after acupuncture.
He is 87 and has just been offered a new knee operation....but he says too late now....
I have also got him to eat blueberries and avocado's which seem to help. I think this is mainly because he now eats less processed sugar(very bad for inflammation) as the avocado fills him up and reduces his biscuit/chocolate snacking.
It is a hard balance as your joints are like don't use them and they dry up and hurt but when you do use them it bloody hurts.