Lidl Thursday 25 June

Don't forget to keep your receipt many of Lidl items have a long warranty. They are very good about returns.

The Dog sun bed, Dog's agility set and dog pool have a 3-year warranty
Maisy is worth every penny :nod: and what else would you spend your money on :giggl: :laughdog:
She certainly is, to be fair I don't spend a lot on myself anyway so not really complaining. I would have liked the pool but Maisy tends to dig the bottom so I don't think that one would last. We have a clam shell type that is hard plastic.
We’ve got one of the cool mats as an experiment. I hope Holly likes it.
We used them in the car when traveling back from France last year when is was so hot. We put them on the back seat and the dogs love them. You can always stop and take them out if there is a problem.
Thats good to hear. Holly’s trying it out now so we’ll see how she gets on with it.
Put a cover over it, the first one we had got split when Maisy walked on it. Her (not long or sharp) claws went through it.

We tried the water fountain last night, great fun. Teaching Maisy to work it is new for us but she is getting the hang of it.