Lintbells - YUMOVE 25% off today

I use Yumove active dog for Nelly , and can honestly say that it began to work after about two weeks . She had awful Xray results on her back end joints and was often limping but once the Yumove began to work , this stopped . Our Vet advised conservative management as frankly we wouldnt know where to start on her hips and knees ( both sides ) . She can walk for an hour or even more with no ill effects . A friend used the Yudigest on her dog who had poor digestion , and has also had brilliant results , big fan here x
Is it the normal yumove you want to buy, Karen? Petsathome have a very good deal on. I haven't seen it cheaper anywhere else. But you can't get yumove plus from there.
Yes, the normal Yumove for now... I can get it on Amazon, may have to do that. I’ll be in the UK in three weeks, but I think we’ll run out by then...
I have just started giving Yumove to Hattie & Charlie as they are senior dogs now. Hattie is a little slower getting up from the floor. I thought it might help Charlie's old shoulder injury. Fingers crossed. I got it from Amazon as on repeat order it comes down to about £38 for 300 tablets. xx