Louie has changed my life around

Louie has changed my life around in right direction.He has been a great service dog to me since October of 2023.I was sexually assaulted while in the Marines by the commander I was under that would not take no for answer.I suffer from PTSD and have panic attacks once in a while which I do see a therapist for.My therapist suggested this.First time Louie came into my life,it was tears of joy that he was going to make my life better.He has and trained well when I have a panic attack.Senses it right away on the spot.My therapist has seen my recovery getting a whole lot better too and they have met Louie as well


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Hello Lab Lady welcome to the forum from Fred, Annie and me. My two black Labradors.
I am so sorry about your terrible experience, but glad you have Louie to help you.
How old is Louie?


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Our dogs are so good for our mental health. (Maybe with the exception of the puppy shark phase).
I'm so pleased Louie has made a difference for you.


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A warm welcome to you and Louie from me and Joy, a small Black Labrador, here in the wild of West Yorkshire. I am a great believer in the therapeutic power of dogs ( particularly Labradors, but I'm possibly biased :giggl: ) and it's good to have you both with us.