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This blog could go anywhere on the forum really. I am going to put it here, because I have a nightmare of a teenager right now. Otter is stretching her wings and testing her boundaries, and whilst I love her sassiness, sometimes I just wish she would cool it. Her moods are like liquid mercury, I can't keep track sometimes! Without doubt she is the most challenging dog I have had the pleasure to work with. I find her scrutinising me just as closely as I scrutinise her! Such a sensitive soul :rofl: .

Through gritted teeth, I comment" Never mind! Let's do something else shall we? " or "Aren't we having FUN!" as she struts her stuff, holding my hat beautifully after failing to hold even one teeny weeny dummy properly :facepalm:.

Right now she is scrumping for pears, our pear tree is groaning with simply delicious sweet fruit right now, and the dogs love it! Oblivious of our neighbours enjoying a barbeque, blissfully happy munching down her her 5th pear. Part of me knows we are gonna have some pretty interesting tummy noises later! But she is happy, and if she associates "neighbours being noisy = delicious pears" I think it might be worth it!

Anyway, I digress...:inlove:

This is the blog....

Fenzi - Co Operation and Control
Here she is ..... munching the fruit :inlove: Completely ignoring our neighbours, using the power of positive pears! :rofl:
She’s been on the hot-line to Tuppence! This morning I was torn between Tuppy stealing an apple and doing her avoiding me dance before crunching it up - better than swallowing it whole I suppose, which is what she tries to do if I try to get her to drop it. Meanwhile, Wispa found something (poo, I suspect) and darted off up a little path through the bushes, with me trying (and failing) to cut her off by going in another direction. Both of them had that “Ha, you can’t catch me” look.

Neither of them had the normal treat when we went indoors. It was raining, briefly, too. They’re not even teenagers!