Luna at 13.5 weeks


Practicing our free stack on the beach...


She's only on a collar because there were no roads to walk near, and we weren't doing any lead walking.

So, this is her at 13.5 weeks.

Critical analysis:
I think she has a nice front end with good angles.
She's looking up too much in this shot, but I can arrange her head by moving the finger she's looking at - and, as she grows, she obviously will be more on my level, anyway.
She's bum-high at the moment, but that's normal. They tend to grow from that end first, and the front catches up.
She needs to learn to stand with her back feet slightly further back, so the lower part of her leg meets the ground perpendicularly. This will show off her back end to its best. We'll see how it works out as she grows, but I think she might need to build plenty of muscle at the back end because it seems naturally less well formed than the front.
The tail carriage in this photo is ridiculous - she doesn't normally hold it like that!

You can't see her feet properly in this photo, but they're really nice and round.

She does naturally stand pretty square, and I only need to correct her on occasion. By "correct" I don't mean tell her off! I mean, lure her forward a couple of steps and then ask her to stop again and only treat when she's square.

I think she's looking pretty nice
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