Luna's first show


Well, we didn't place, but Luna was a star!

We arrived at the venue bright and early, to see hundreds of dogs already milling about. I hadn't realised quite how many there would be, which is silly, since I could have easily totted up the start numbers to know there were at least 677 dogs entered for competition. This completely blew Luna's mind. We've had so little opportunity to train around other dogs, and she just wanted to say hello to them all!

I wasn't sure whether I'd put her into the ring; I didn't want her to be thrashing around on the end of a show lead to get to the other puppies.

By the time the class came around, though, she'd settled down, so we went in. Well, she was a star! A flick switched into work mode, and she paraded round like a supermodel. When it was our turn, she stood nicely for inspection and trotted wonderfully to heel, all happy face, wags and a relaxed body. She didn't pull towards any of the other puppies, even though we were in close proximity to them. I was so proud of her!!

It didn't matter to me one jot that she didn't place because I was full of joy seeing her enjoying herself and being such a wonderful little girl.

I learnt a few things, so it was a great experience for me, too.

(Photos courtesy of @Beanwood)



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