My Labrador Friends Book Club - Fiction Choice

It’s the latest Paperwhite
Buy the book, buy the audio book ( always buy the ebook first unless you have an audible account) download both to kindle. The headphones need to be Bluetooth.
Pair the headphones and play your audio book.

I have the previous kindle and would love the latest one, as it's waterproof as well. Brilliant devices.
Can you just read it? On a Kindle for example, or is there an actual book? I struggle with being read to since I started reading for myself, I often find the voices aren't right and also I miss the quiet I always associate with sitting down for a good read.
Yep! Here you go...

I miss reading, but I just don’t have the time at the moment, so audiobooks are a blessing. I know what you mean about the voices, I’ve had some that have been really annoying. The woman who reads this has a nice sympathetic voice, though, so I’m happy with it.
Thank you @Cupcase thought that’s all I did - I had started to look and saw you could do a subscription and that’s just ‘froze’ my brain. Realise now you can just buy single audio books as you would a book. So far I am very pleased with it - much quicker than previous one which I had had a few years - going to pass that on to a family member.