My Labrador Friends Book Club - Fiction Choice


Biscuit Tin Guardian
I've just joined a book club locally, the chosen novel for this month is "Klara and the Sun", by Kazuo Ishiguro , which I've just finished. I loved it, has anyone else read it?

If so, what did you think?
I haven't read that one but I have read several others of his and loved them all. It's come up as recommended for me on my Kindle, so it might well become my next holiday read.


Fife, Scotland
@Selina27 I have Amazon Audible as I like to listen to audio books as well as read books, particularly kindle books because of text size flexibility 🤣
Audible subs give you one book a month of a paying category but also have a catalogue of free to listen to/included books.
Good to listen to when knitting/crocheting.


Biscuit Tin Guardian
@Lisa I read that one about 5 years ago and enjoyed it very much.

@Selina27 I haven't read that one, but have read three others of his. I loved The Remains of the Day, liked Never Let Me Go and thought The Unconsoled was rubbish!
I absolutely loved The Remains of the Day too, also Never Let Me Go, which I found quite heartbreaking. They're the only other ones of his that I've read, but the new one is now downloaded and waiting for me to start it!😊