Nelly is quite poorly

Our poor little love is not well at all . I took her to the Vets this morning , thankfully they saw her straight away . She obviously had some tummy issues and refused to eat , then did a messy poo with a lot of blood in it, the Vet gave her a thorough examination , Nelly just stood there not caring where normally she would resist , she had two injections one for pain and the other to try and calm her system down , plus a course of antibiotics . She still wont eat , I tried to coax her at tea time but she would only eat the most tiny amount . She is very flat , poor little love and I have to take her back on Thursday if she is not a lot better , what a worry xx
It is such a worry when they unwell, especially dear little Nelly, I hope the antibiotics work quickly. If you gently warm any food you can tempt her with, that will help. In the old days, Brands Essence was great to give sick dogs.
Poor little girl, such a worry when they are not themselves. I hope she’s feeling better with the medications :hug:
@kateincornwall I've just read about Nelly Kate. I’m so sorry she’s not well. I hope she’s feeling a bit better today now the meds have had a bit of time to work and fancies some food :hug: