New pyramid pan recipe


Last time I made pyramid pan treats I threw my blender on the floor in a fit of rage* and it broke. I needed to make some more, so thought I'd try an experiment. Fish and vegetable baby food, that dog-awful powdered "cheese for pasta" that tastes like vom, eggs, flour and milk. Whisked together to a batter-like consistency, poured into the pyramid pans and microwaved. First time trying that instead of the oven, too. Had to cut my trays up a bit to fit them in, but it only took 3 minutes a batch, which is a bonus. I now have a lovely bag of tasty pyramids. They're quite tasty, and the dogs like 'em too! :D

*This is a lie, but it sounds more impressive than, "I dropped it on the floor because I'm a klutz".


Alberta, Canada
See, I’m so pleased you’ve explained this! Whenever I read ‘pyramid pan’ I was always picturing a big steel pyramid-shaped tin structure that people balanced upside down in the oven. So when you said you’d trimmed it down, I was picturing tin snips, angle grinders and all sorts. The reality is a LOT more simple!
Me too!!! %)
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Cornwall , UK
Just made my first batch of these, thanks @snowbunny Fiona ! I mixed a tin of sardines with egg and flour , poured it in and levelled with a knife , lots and lots and lots of treats and the dogs love them , thank you ! Do you reckon they need keeping in the fridge ? ( in a container `cos they stink !)