Newbie question about feeding at source

Chewie and I have just started nosework (FDSA course) and have been playing the colander game for about a week. We are ready to start using just the hot tin on its own, but I have a really silly question- we are supposed to use rapid fire treats at the tin to build duration, but where do I feed and how close to the tin should his head be? I feel very uncoordinated!
I didn't do the FDSA course, but in our scent work classes, we were to feed on the container in the stage after the colander....not sure that helps!


Queen of Turnips
Devon, UK
In the one day course I did (again, not FDSA), the feeding was 'on' the container - literally holding the treat between your fingers on the pot, as close as you can get, so that the pup's nose is sucking up all the scent as they get the reinforcement. Not sure this helps either? :hmm: