Offer on Skinners dog food

I usually buy mine from Amazon , but the price has gone up so I decided to shop around . Zooplus is offering free delivery on two 15 kilos bags of Skinners duck and rice for just under £42 , which is a massive saving x
I get Skinner's on subscribe and save from Amazon so it reduces price by 15%. However I've just switched to the 2.5 kilo bags as now I'm doing some home cooked, 15 kilos lasts too long and think it goes stale.that is an excellent price from zooplus, though.
Stanley’s food costs that for one bag! And it’s a 6kg one!! 😧

Might have to re-evaluate Stanners diet!
Worth a try. Buy a small bag of Skinner's from Amazon, they are only £6 ish and see if he likes it.
I was paying £52 for 12 kilos of royal canin, vs £22-25 ( depending on flavour) for 15 kilos of Skinners.
Plus the ingredients for Skinner's looked like real food... Royal canin was full of all sorts of things, though I know it's used by guide dogs and vets, so I'm not slating it in any way at all.