One handed activities/training.


Biscuit Tin Guardian
Today it is wet in Hucknall. Really wet! It looks like there should be about a two hour break in the rain, during which Joy and I can go out and do stuff in the garden. In the meantime we're confined to quarters and both of us but particularly Joy, bored. She's lying down with that despairing look in her eyes and sighing heavily and pointedly. What can I do to keep us both occupied that is possible with only one hand? Also it mustn't be too messy as it's not my house. Come on you wonderful inventive and imaginative people, some ideas please! Even if it's something really silly!
Hide kibble in a box of newspaper. Leave Joy in a room in a sit/stay whilst you hide bits of treats behind/under items and send her to find them. Hide toys under cushions. xx


Manchester UK
Put a toy in a box with oregano. Bring out the next day and do ‘hiding’ games - it can begin to be really difficult quite quickly if the toy has a nice strong smell - high up, inside things etc.