Online team rally videos


East Sussex
As there are almost no real-life rally shows this year, more people have been getting into organising online events. I've just taken part in two team courses with two other people. The idea was that you split the published round between you (15 signs, so we did 5 each) and you didn't actually need to meet in real-life. Although I did get together with my friend Margaret to video ours, our other team member, someone I had met at a real-life rally last year, was elsewhere in the country so she filmed hers separately.
I won't post my team-mates parts as i haven't asked them if I can, but thought you might like to see Molly and me. Sadly our team didn't cover itself with glory - 22nd out of 56 entries in the first and second-from-last in the second! Still it gave us something to work at and was fun to take part in.