Outdoor light jacket or coat.

The jacket I use for summer dog walking has had its day. I need a new one. Which jacket or coat do you use to walk your dog in the spring/summer.
I have one for when the weather is cold but need a lighter one. Thanks
I have my quilted Barbour jacket for Spring and my Rab light rain jacket. I got my Barbour in the sales and I love all the pockets! I tend to wear a fleece when it's warmer and a slight chill in the morning.
Good luck with the shopping.
I have a Four Seasons parka for cool or rainy days. It’s ideal as it has pockets I can get a 🎾 in and a bag of treats and a couple of 💩 bags. It has a pocket for my mobile too. I have a Schoffel Country sleeveless zip fleece for dry cooler days which also has pockets for said items (phone has to go in my jeans back pocket)