We have been away this weekend and weren’t able to take the dogs. Our friends who have had Sky for about 8 years now couldn’t have her so we made the decision to kennel her with Red. Red is used to the kennels now and has a great time there. I was so worried about Sky - she is getting very old in so many ways. Anyway, we and they are home and they are fine. They said Sky was absolutely ok. They both seem very chilled - I have just given them their short evening walks and they are fast asleep. Phew 😅
talking about the dogs the whole time
We had a super time thank you and crammed masses in ...... and no I think I mentioned the dogs once or maybe twice 😉. I have to say the kennels they go to is fab and I know they would contact us if they had concerns so I place my trust in them and get on with our plans. We have just said how lovely it is to be back altogether again so I know DH is just as soft as I am 😁